Entry Periods

There are a total of six entry periods for the Stop and Shop Survey Sweepstakes, and each of these entry periods has its own set of important dates for participating, submitting, and getting picked.

You are need to be acquainted with these hours if you want to participate in the contest.

Entry Limitation

At any one time throughout the entry period, each person or family is only permitted to submit a maximum of five entries.

It is important to keep in mind that any submissions that were not successful during one period will not be included to the following session.

Stop & Shop


It is imperative that you stick to these dates in order for the Stop and Shop Survey Sweepstakes to be a successful endeavor.

There is a fresh opportunity to take part in the competition with each new entry period. Ten winners are selected at the end of each entry period, which increases the likelihood of winning for those who follow the guidelines and meet the deadlines.